Antonio Banderas
Rupal's note: 2/11/2001.  This page is really old.  Like 7 years old.  I cannot vouch for its silliness except to say that I am a silly person.


Well, what can I say? Ever since I saw him in Interview with the Vampire I've been hooked on his mysterious eyes and dashing good looks.  Even though the scene is kind of tragic and sick, I think that most girls would have loved to be the poor girl in the "vampire production" that his character puts on in the film (even though they probably wouldn't have either).  Although the only other movies i've seen him in is Evita and The Mask of Zorro, and cannot legally have future wishes of marrying him, thanks to Melanie Griffith, (well, maybe a few little wishes even though he's going to be pretty old by the time I would be able to marry him, if he divorced Melanie, which would in itself be tragic because it would affect my screen idol's happiness), I think that, in addition to his awesome singing voice, caramel speaking voice, and great dancing ability, he's pretty handsome and deserves some serious attention! I just saw this charismatic man in The Mask of Zorro a few months ago.  Loved it, loved it, loved it.  Now that I am at college, I love gawking at my Desperado movie poster.  Just looking into his eyes in his pictures and films makes me melt.  Can't wait until . . Phantom of the Opera???!!!

While you're here, I have here some great pics of Antonio that I took from a number of different web pages. [Please don't sue me, web page creators, because I am crediting you here with these links]  So check out these links if you want more Antonio for your very own.

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