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     Bonnaroo Diary

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A Chronicle of Concerts

Perhaps I should not introduce my love for music with the first band I worshipped: New Kids on the Block. Whoops, too late. But in the 4th grade it is tough to tell what your tastes will be like in the future. While I loved Debbie Gibson and bubble-gum popular pop back then, I am thankful that my own musical-listening tendencies have veered away from the ultra-pop-culture toward the alternative and independent.

This said, I am proud that I love music, that I live for live concerts, and that the aural intermixes of melody and rhythm and harmony are as big a part of my life as my family and my goals to become a doctor. I can only hope that music will be able to stay with me through the trials in my life as it has become a bigger and bigger part of my life throughout college.

My tastes in music are, in a word, diverse. I can’t say that I listen to IT ALL. Hip-Hop, punk, and metal are okay to me in certain timbres, but any music is, I think, an acquired taste, and for me some are a little more accessible than others. This little page is my attempt to list all the live shows I’ve been to so that I can keep them fresh in my memory. My history of seeing live shows is recent – it only began my senior year in high school and has become that much more important. I might include my classical concert-going-experiences as well, just for the sake of being comprehensive. If the spirit moves me, I might write down all the musical experiences I went to in college (classical, a cappella, and all) so that I’m not making a huge effort to differentiate between amateur and professional musical experiences.  Anyway, I’m excited to create the list. Let’s see what I come up with:


Peter, Paul, and Mary, Valley Forge Music Fair, company: the family
Barbara Mandrell - Christmas Special in Disney World
Ravi Shankar, Valley Forge Music Fair, company: the Family

Senior Year of High school (1997-1998)

Squirrel Nut Zippers, at the Electric Factory (opener Bio Ritmo) – my first concert concert. (company: Kate, Liz, Heather, and Sean)

Freshman Year of College (1998-1999)

Dar Williams, MIT Kresge Auditorium (company: Morgan)
One Fell Swoop (later renamed Dispatch), The Middle East in Cambridge (company: Morgan and Liz)
Dave Matthews Band – Boston, MA (company: Morgan, Tad, Laura, et al)

Sophomore Year of College (1999-2000)

Dar Williams, Orpheum Theatre (opener The Nields) (company: Morgan and Liz)
The Nields, Club Passim (company: Morgan et al)
The Kennedys, Longwood Gardens

Junior Year of College (2000-2001)

The Jayhawks, Paradise Rock Club (opener Bellwether) (company: Paul)
Fighting Gravity, Paradise Rock Club (Summer 2001) (company – just me)
Dave Matthews Band, Veteran's Stadium, Philadelphia (company: Heather)
Willy Porter, Club Passim (company: Morgan, Paul, and Nate)
Dave Brubeck (company – Paul)

Senior Year of College (2001-2002)

Willy Porter, Club Passim ( 2 shows, 1 spring, one fall) (company: Morgan, Paul, Nate, Danny)
Entrain, House of Blues, company: Marisol and Alissa
Fighting Gravity, Harper's Ferry Boston, Company: Marisol and Alissa

Neil Innes, Accompanied by Yo La Tengo, House of Blues, company: Chris
Belle and Sebastian, The Orpheum Theatre (company: Lola – and Oliver)
Pet Shop Boys – Orpheum Theatre (company: Lola)

Summer after college (2002)

Willy Porter, Tin Angel (company: Heather, Kate, and Mike)
Entrain, Exton, PA
Janis Ian (with Lori McKenna), Exton, PA
Eddie from Ohio (company – Heather and Kate), Exton, PA
John Stephens (company – Sarah and Jen), New York

Failed Attempts:

Coldplay (Jr. Year) – company – Paul
Elton John and Billy Joel (Sr. Year) – company – Olivia
Supergrass – Tower Records (company - Americorps friends)
Wesley Willis - at TT's, Company - Eric
Willy Porter, at Exton, PA, Company - Kate, Heather, and Billy

Americorps Year (2002-2003)

Yonder Mountain String Band, TLA, (company – Christy and Del) 10/17
The Wallflowers – Tower Records (company – just me!) 11/8
Mission of Burma (2/22), TLA (company – Andy, Sarah, and Sarah)
Patty Griffin – 2/25
Phish – 2/25, First Union Spectrum (company – Christy and Fran)
Dar Williams – Borders, Bryn Mawr (company – Billy and Christy)
Dar Williams, Keswick Theatre (company – Fran)
Toad the Wet Sprocket, TLA (company – Christy) ca. 4/1
Dave Cope and friends (company – Christy, Billy, and Ben)
Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra, - Firebird Suite, (company - Mom)
Townhall,  (opener Scrappy Hamilton)
Laguardia, the Khyber (Company, Christy, Russ, and Sean)
Zwan (4/9/03), Electric Factory, (Company - Srinivas)
Willy Porter (4/22), The Point, (Company: Billy, Christy, and Ben)
Yo La Tengo, Trocadero, (Company: Christy, Joanna, and Ben)
The Clarks, Trocadero (Company: Billy and Adrian)
Mieka Pauley, Ryan Montbleau, et al, The Point (Company: Billy)
Arrested Development 6/2 (opener: Ledisi), Trocadero (Company: Christy)
and last but certainly not least: Bonnaroo 2003 in Manchester Tennessee - an amazing 5-day festival (bands played 6/13-6/15).  Company: Christy, Ben, and Mike - one of my coolest experiences EVER. I caught performances from The Roots, Neil Young, Jack Johnson, Ben Kweller, Lucinda Williams, Joshua Redman, Ben Harper, Nickel Creek, Bela Fleck, Widespread Panic, John Cleary, The Flaming Lips, Josh Wink, O.A.R., G. Love, moe., and The Dead. Awesome.

Med School: the First Year (2003-2004)

The Jayhawks - 10/12/03 (Company: Brigid)
Danny Fox & Co., 11/2/03, Crawford Cafe
Adam Evil and the Outside Royalty, 11/3/03, Quiet Storm
Buddahead, 11/3/03, Quiet Storm
Pittsburgh Symphony, 11/21/03 - (Company: Jesse and tons of other fab friends)
Willy Porter, 12/10/03, Club Cafe (Company: Kristin, Julie, Alison, Sonia, Animesh, Jesse, JarHeAd, Su-Hun, and last but not least Brigid) - must comment on this one; one of the best WP shows I've seen; this music was catharsis, joy, brilliance . . . I could go on. If only if he could play me guitar every day!
Adam Evil and the Outside Royalty, 1/16/04, Rosebud (Company - Jules, Sam, and Sam's friends)
O.A.R. and Robert Randolph and the Family Band - (double headliners), 2/3/04, Palumbo Center at Duquesne University (Company: Brigid, Swa, Stacey, Sonia, and Greg)
Belle and Sebastian - 3/22/2004 - with Flo, Micha, and Gunhild in Berlin, Germany
Ben Kweller - 4/1/2004 - with Jesse

Med School: the Second Year (2004-2005) Unfortunately - this year I turned into the biggest loser and have seen music very rarely.  Help me get the heck out of this rut!

Wheat - with Alison
Opera - The Marriage of Figaro - with lots of medical students
Soul Patch - The Pittsburgh Deli Company, with Julie, 5/12


Updated 02/03/2004