For the sake of readers I am updating my website to reflect the present with a more accurate spin. Life is busy in my world, but thankfully I am on one of my more manageable rotations, which allows me the freedom to update this website, which I have so neglected for several years.

I am a person of many interests. Doing one thing all the time doesn't satisfy me, so needless to say, the transition to residency has been difficult. All through medical school I had the flexibility to do various activities, no matter what my stress level. But now I am in a job where people depend on me according to a schedule other than what I would create myself. Life has changed dramatically.

I grew up in southeastern Pennsylvania, almost on the Delaware border, and grew up running to Longwood Gardens and participating in local community fairs and making funnel cakes for families. I am also of Indian origin, which has created in me a dual allegiance: to my hometown community, but also to my South Asian community. Along with this background I have developed a variety of interests which center on the arts. Firstly, I am a classically trained singer, and have sang in a variety of choruses throughout my life. Second, I am a self-taught henna artist and also design paintings and colored pencil drawings based upon my henna style. Third, I am on my way to becoming a pediatrician, and am now working in the community I once served as an Americorps volunteer: North Philadelphia.

And if you know me, you already know that I am simplifying a weird, confusing, scatterbrained mess of a girl into these three things. I love to dance up a storm when nobody else is dancing, I like to cook things like spinach salad and pasta and samosas. I like to bake cakes. I love to read and force people to read the books I love. I love independent films and watching movies and listening to music and going to concerts. But there's only so much room on this page. If you are reading this chances are that you already know me well.

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I have had this picture of this frog ever since I started up my first website in 1996. I can't ever get rid of it.

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20 September 2007.