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Gastroenterology Tunes

(in the style of the Beach Boys' "Kokomo")

Erosions, neutrophils, baby Iíve got hemorrhage
I drank my alcohol, cells are atypical
With CMV I got inclusions in nuclei
And chronically had H pyloriiiiii
Thereís a thing called Gastritis
Thatís inflammation in your stomach mucosa
Itís called gastritis

A bandlike infiltrate with lymphocytes and plasma cells
In lamina propria. Itís chronic H Pylori
It leads to atrophy, with very small mucosa
And metaplastic changes as well

Iíve got a granuloma (work in progress)
(In the style of a "I'm getting married in the morning")

Iíve got a granuloma
It's not specific just for Crohnís
Maybe itís sarcoid, TB, or Histo
vasculitis or infectious, too

Possibly something idiopathic
Or a reaction to foreign things!