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Histology Tunes

Satellite cells
(In the style of Dave Matthews Band)

Satellites around cell bodies
In the ganglia -- oh
How cuboidal
Satellites don't make myelin
But they're similar to Schwanns, otherwise

They cover the axons
In the dorsal ganglion
They have a pathway continuous
But not in the ventral root.

Schwann cells are hard to do
(to the tune of "Breaking up is Hard to do")

Don't take my Schwann away from me,
Don't leave my axons in misery
Because to send a message through
Without myelin is hard to do
But in the CNS, I've got my glia
Oligodendrocytes give myelin me-ah
Don't say that this is the end
'Cause when I break my nerves it takes some time to make them up again