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Microbiology Tunes


An Ode to Borrelia Burgdorferi
(in the style of Britney Spears)

Osps Iíve got lyme again
The antigenís changed
The spirocheteís got in my tissues
Osps come from plasmid expression
And affect bacterial tropism!

I got it from a tick bite
Which is just so typically me. Oh baby baby
Oops, centripetal rash
Elisa and P-C-R have diagnosed me
I might get meningitis! Or oligoarthritis!
Itís so maleficent.

My Quinolone
(in the style of the Beach Boys)

Quinolone lone lone, my Quinolone. Yeah Quinolone wooo ooo oooo
A Quinolone
Stops the gyrase in gram negative bugs
But not in anaerobes

Nalidixic acid donít work on Psuedomon.
For those my Ciproís a better choice quinolone
A Quinolone . .  for UTIs . . and for gonorrhea . . and second line TB
The analogs are levo, oflo, norflo, moxif . . .

Quinolones are absorbed rapidly
And metabolized in liver, out from kidneys in just 4 hours!
And stops topo IV in gram positives
A quinoline
kills bugs!

My Quinolone lone wooooooo!