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Neurology Tunes

Dopamine (work in progress)
(in the style of Michael Jackson's “Billy Jean”)

I made some dopa and dopamine from tyrosine
Then secreted my catecholamines from cytosol
I sent them out in synaptic vesicles
There were five receptors
They all used systems with 2nd messengers

D1 and D5 were “D1-like” oh they caused a spike
Activating adenylate cyclase and increasing cAMP levels
In corpus striatum
Increasing cAMP levels

D-2 like receptors stop adenylate cyclase
And lower cyclic AMP,
Inactivate calcium, in pituitary and striatum
And in the cortex, antipsychotics leave you vexed, hey hey

Schizophrenia comes when D2 overstimulates
It’s a disease