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February 11, 2002

Still quite busy, but I'm working on making a mirror site for this one since Geocities has imposed data transfer restrictions.

July 13, 2001

You'll notice that I seem to be updating my site really rarely - well, I'm a busy girl and I have my studies, among other things.  I hope to do a redesign soon and perhaps incorporate some flash, but all of this will have to wait until the MCATs are done.  However, I have brought the artist listings up to date.

July 27, 2000 

Again, my apologies.  The tutorial has probably not been working correctly for the past week; I incorporated a new page navigation method that hasn't been applied to all pages yet.  I hope that it improves the quality of my pages.  

July 14, 2000

I apologize if you have had any trouble loading pages; I was doing some site revamping and hopefully I now have all of my kinks fixed.  

I have been spending the majority of my time with this site on reorganizing my henna artist listings pages.  Hopefully readers should find it more complete and up to date, now with over 200 listings, as well as easier to use.  I enjoy the emails I have been receiving from all of my readers and I apologize for the many times when my replies have been delayed.  Before summer is over, I will construct an expanded and revised tutorial and will add more images to my sample designs pages and art gallery.  Look for extensive reorganization, but no big changes to the design of my site.

December 11, 1999

I have put in very slight updates but nothing substantial.  Last month I added more artist listings. If you are interested in learning more about Body art, visit an exhibit at [New York's] American Museum of Natural History, entitled Body Art: Marks of Identity.  This exhibit will be held at the museum until May 29, 2000.

August-September 3, 1999

Again, more updating -- a revamped homepage.  Fewer image maps, more mehndi pictures in the Art Gallery.  Over 160 artist listings in over 30 States as well as international listings with easier to use page format.   More henna supplier listings.  New links and mehndi books available through Amazon. + New information in Tutorial.

May 25, 1999

Hey eager readers, I have done some massive updating to the site.  I hope that you like the new designs included and the new image maps I am currently using Also included are a few new links, henna artists, and henna suppliers, and some additional information across the site to improve its cohesion.  Enjoy!

April 30 1999

I hope that you like the new site layout.  I will try to fix up any mistaken links and will soon update the rest of the site to the style of the first page.  Please let me know if it takes a lot of time to load up the main mehndi home page picture because I am on a network so the speed of my page loadups might be different from yours.  Also, to let you all know of the newest Internet plagiarism (yes, I am protective and hate it when people copy and indiscriminately use my hard-earned work without my permission)-- DON'T visit  http://www.teknogypsy.com -- they took all of my artists listings and copied them to their page.  I hate it when people do this!!  It's so frustrating and you can't do anything about it!!  Anyway, that's a great segway to telling you to send me your information if you are a mehndi artist and I will include you on my henna artists page.  It's a great way to get free advertising and your listing enhances my site!!

April 18, 1999

Please accept my apology for a mislink that occurred with my web site (from the "awards" page).  This page should not have autolinked to an outside site and I have fixed the problem.  If anything strange like this ever occurs I would appreciate it if people let me know because I want to cater to people's mehndi interests as effectively as possible.  I just developed a couple of rolls of film, so soon to come will be multiple additions to my art gallery as well as numerous new pictures on the whole web page.  I'm anticipating doing yet another site revamp because I am getting better with Photoshop and have been able to create all kinds of interesting graphic design with my mehndi work.  Also, look for more henna artist and supplier listings coming soon.  Please let me know anything I can do to make my site a better place to visit.

February 27, 1999

Check out tons of new additions to my web site, including new henna artist and supplier listings, a new guestbook because the old one is finally full, an addition to my awards list, an updated "about me" page, and many new mehndi designs

January 20, 1998

I'm beginning my eventual act of switching the "rest of my world" (aka, the nonmehndi stuff) to my Harvard site.  New on the site:  six more henna artist listings, 4 more henna supplier listings, including bulk henna suppliers, and an increased list of links.  Look for a better indexing of links according to categories soon to come!

January 5, 1998

Check out the updated mehndi artist listing page and some funky new gif pictures withinin the tutorial.

December 30, 1998

In my zeal to use minimal geocities logos on my site, I attempted to remove the "geocities watermark" brand from many of my pages by using an antibranding program that I obtained from another web site.  However, now that geocities has updated the brand, the antibrand no longer works and additionally has created problems for me (and for you viewers I'm sure) in accessing the site.  More specifically, it takes an inordinate amount of time to open the pages that include the antibrand program.  Therefore, I am removing the program from my pages.  If you find that one of the pages takes a really, really long time to load and appears to be trying to download information from "www.dynamicsex.com," a page on dynamic html written by a woman who recently taught herself the script and used this "sketchy" name to attract viewers, please email me and let me know about the problem so that I can remove the coding from my pages.  In other news, I have fixed some layout and linking glitches throughout my site, and once I get back to campus next week I expect to be adding another installment of mehndi artist locations and other listings.

November 10, 1998

Check out the new layout on my web site.  Please, again I'd love some comments.  Some other new additions:  Improvements to the "rest of my world," and additional mehndi artist locations.

October 29, 1998

I've revamped the layout for my main page.  Please give me comments!

October 18, 1998

My apologies to calling the person who created the slimy page "slime."  After I emailed him/her, the webmaster promptly removed the page from their directory.  I had no idea that I had such an effect on people, but I wish that they hadn't deleted the site, only deleted the plaigiarism included.  Anyway, I just thought I'd let you know this because the page is no longer there so you won't be able to find the offending material.

October 17, 1998

NEWEST INTERNET SLIME:  if you want to see an experiment in plagiarism, please visit http://alt.xmission.com/~m0d/mehndi.html.  Whoever "created" this site obviously thinks that he or she can plagiarize me without me noticing anything.  And the person who made the site didn't even credit me with the information and didn't even link to my site. I'm mad.  Anyway, if you have visited this page, rest assured that the information that I have on MY page is the original, and that (&)(*&(**'s page is the plagiarism.  Okay, this isn't a new update to my site or anything, but I just wanted to tell this to you all.
As for site updates:  I've updated the rest of "my world" aka what I enjoy other than mehndi.  Visit my Home Page to see new additions!

October 10, 1998

At least, if you email me there I won't get your email for quite a long time, and within the next few weeks the address will be gone altogether.  Some new additions within the past month:  Another entry to Messages to friends, some more mehndi locations, and just some minor page spiff-ups.  College is keeping me quite busy but I am really enjoying it.  If you would like to contact me by email, please use henna-NO--SPAM-@-NO--SPAM--rupalpinto.com, which I check often.

August 23, 1998

I have updated my email on most of the pages.  Other new things include:  another "hi" message to readers, more henna supplier and artist listings, improved information on my mehndi description pages, more links, and an improved homepage structure!  I hope you like the changes!

My Borders demonstration was a success.  If you are interested in hiring me as an artist in Cambridge, MA or would like me to do a demonstration there sometime, please contact me

August 15, 1998

I was finally able to upload the updated brochure listings for Spa Biba [I hope they appreciate my efforts! :-)]  Latest updates: more designs on the Sample Mehndi Design Page, and updates on my Mehndi Books page.  On the book page, I omitted the price listings.  Why, you might ask?  At Amazon, prices are always changing, so the company advised me not to list prices, but I can assure you that I believe that all the books from Amazon.com come at a good value.  I have had personal experience in purchasing books from the company multiple times, and I have always received quick, helpful, service, fast book delivery, and good quality merchandise.

I really am open [and readily await] all suggestions to improve my page.  PLEASE email me with any questions or comments because I love to read them! 

Tomorrow @ 4 is my demo at Borders Books and Music in Wilmington Delaware (rte 202).  I hope you can attend! TTFN  Tah tah for now!

August 10, 1998

    I have just added more henna retailer listings and more listings of mehndi artists.  I have put my copyright on most of my gallery pictures and I will soon put copyrights on other images.  Also, more pictures in my art gallery! (Soon to come, more sample designs, pictures of mehndi books, and more!)

August 7, 1998

    My mehndi demonstration at Bibelot Bookstore (originally 8/15/98) has been cancelled because Bibelot's is moving to a new location in Baltimore, MD this October, so I apologize to anyone who was planning to attend.  Please note this change.  I am currently considering adding frames to my web site -- so please give me feedback on that idea.

    My next mehndi demonstration will be held at Borders Books and Music in Wilmington, DE at 4:00 pm.  Please feel free to attend!


July 25, 1998

    I am currently undergoing a revamp session to my page to improve navigational abilities and hopefully increase traffic to my less-often viewed parts of the site, as well as to increase traffic in general.  Some new additions to the site: Improved descriptions of each of my semi-"FAQ's", , Award Announcements, MORE mehndi artist locations, addition to the Henna-Mehndi Webring, a Mehndi book selections page, and
        Two more mehndi demonstrations:

      SATURDAY, AUGUST 15 @ 2:00PM   Location: Bibelot Bookstore in Bel Air, Maryland, please e-mail for directions

      ON SUNDAY, AUGUST 16, 1998 @ 4:00 PM    Location: Borders Books and Music in Wilmington, Delaware, located on Route 202 south of Concord Mall.

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