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I am sorry to say that I can no longer include any Mehndi Artist listings on my website and have thus taken down this component of the site.

My apologies to artists who are currently active but people whose listings had not been updated were receiving unwanted contacts from individuals regarding mehndi, so I have decided to take down this portion of the website.


POTENTIAL CUSTOMERS:  Please check up on your artist before getting your mehndi done.  Avoid artists who advertise black mehndi in any form, even if they say it is safe. If you desire such henna, then request a patch test or get a tiny design before paying money for a PPD burn, a type of skin reaction that can be caused by black henna.  I even suggest that, whatever you do, ask for a patch test unless you are sure that your artist's products are safe for your skin.  If you want to be more careful in your asking, just casually ask the artist if they offer black henna. Ask for references; ask what ingredients they mix in their henna. Don't just listen to what they say; listen to how they say it; that's the key to a good interview and reading into people. Don't be afraid to ask questions: you are the customer and you deserve the best!

If you do get a PPD burn, please inform me about it. I have already received notifications about unsafe henna artists and am happy to pass the information on to my readers.

ARTISTS:  for the sake of your customers' health, please avoid using black henna or unsafe dyes, no matter what the customer wants.  Although it is your client's responsibility to know whether he or she is susceptible to reaction, avoid PPD as much as possible for your patients' sake.  Explain to your client the importance of using natural henna without additives and at least tell the customer these ramifications before making them take the risk of black henna.