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I'm going to try to write a complete artist list.  Here's the first installment; trust me, LOTS is missing  :-(  Anyway, it's organized alphabetically. I do not have the energy to try to fit everything into genres!  If you are intrigued by any names I recommend listening to a clip at an online music store and testing your interests. Soon I will have links to amazon's store.  Please - if you are buying music do it through my site to help fund my med school books! Books get expensive!

11/17/03 - just updated the list of artists, though it is not nearly exhaustive enough to reflect my current interests! Let me sum it up here: you tell me about a band, and I'll probably listen to them.

6/15/02. . .Hmm. . this is my favorite subject.  I love procrastinating instead of doing med school applications.  Here are good bands.  If you want to look them up on your own time, feel free - I don't have time to look up links right now.  I don't really listen to the radio aside from NPR, but this is the music I constantly listen to.  I also listen to good standards: Classic Rock, Folk, but here's the stuff you might want to look up that's a little off the cuff.

Daft Punk
Tricky (kind of metally)
Pedro the Lion
Jimmy Eat World
International Noise Conspiracy
Sloan (this group is amazing)
Dandy Warhols
Damn Personals
White Stripes
Toad the Wet Sprocket

Brit Pop:

Alternative Country
Old 97s
The Jayhawks
Widespread Panic
Pat McGee Band
Eddie from Ohio Lucinda Williams

Indie Pop
Belle and Sebastian (my fave band)
Yo La Tengo
The Nields
Dar Williams
The Kennedys
Willy Porter
Jonny Lang
Joni Mitchell
John Eddie
There's more where this came from; I'm always on the lookout for new music so let me know if you ever find something good!  Also, my taste is music clearly isn't limited to these genres, though to warn you . . I'm not really into much mainstream stuff, and I don't like most rap and metal (if you know of one of these music types, recommend it to me anyway: I'll always try out new music).
Fighting Gravity
Buena Vista Social Club
Bio Ritmo

I am convinced that coming to college has broadened my musical horizons a great deal.  Perhaps I'll sound pretentious, but I feel like these days I listen to kind of off-the wall, non-mainstream bands, which basically translates to me thinking that I'm pretty cool.  :-)  Here are some relevant links for the performers I currently listen to, in addition to the constantly running classic rock on my mp3 player.

If you know that these folks are performing anywhere, please please please let me know and I will come running to the concert.  

Anyone who knows me already, you must be familiar with my addiction to music and my love for art. Not only do I sing and play some intstruments, but I also really enjoy all types of music, except for country music (but I like Shania Twain), most rap (but I like for Will Smith), and heavy metal (no exceptions here . . well, I like headbanging for about 5 seconds).  I've also been on a nostalgia kick lately -- seventies music like "Tiny Dancer" and Pink Floyd (which my cousins had me listen to when I was about three). I like classical music very much, especially Bernstein's Chichester Psalms,Bio Ritmo!!among other random titles. My CD collection is pretty big, and it ranges from my Disney Little Mermaid to the Swing Kids Soundtrack to Pulp Fiction. I love all sorts of soundtracks and I've lately gotten heavily into Swing in addition to other music. I also LOVE any kind of Latin music -- Bio Ritmo, Gipsy Kings (okay, they're French), Peruvian flute music, and Mask of Zorro Soundtrack.

I am also a fan of wandering around Art Museums.  I got plenty of that last summer in Italy and Greece.  Not so much in Greece, but seeing The Sistine Chapel, Michelangelo's David, and St. Peter's Cathedral in Italy was enough for me to feel like I was in heaven.  Some relatives of mine have recently exposed me to the work of Gustave Moreau.  He paints really elaborate work that may look garish and over-opulent at times, but it is really beautifully done.  He also painted a variety of miniatures in an Indian style -- I found it

very fascinating.  My latest artistic exploitsThe Bathers by Seurat have been a visit to the Guggenheim for their Surrealism, exhibit, the Moreau exhibit, The Body Art exhibit at the American Museum of Natural History, a trip to the Fogg Museum, and my European trip.  

If this is considered an art, I also enjoy looking at all types of architecture, whether it be a colonial house in a neighborhood or anything really in particular. I love the design arts, arrangement and all human attempts at perfect living space. If I didn't know any better when I was driving past some places, I could get into some serious car accidents by staring out at some house or landscaping. and, of course, the Taj Mahal is a pretty impressive structure that always takes my breath away.

And, of course, a major artistic interest for me is mehndi. Please, visit my mehndi page because this is the most developed element of my entire web site.

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